Work-Based Learning is a collaborative effort by the school, parent/guardian, business and industry, for the training of apprentices and student learners.

Through the Capstone program, senior students who meet the entry-level requirements of the trade/technical area, and have demonstrated good work ethics, are recommended for this unique plan of education, which is designed to integrate classroom learning with supervised work experience. One objective of Capstone Work-Based Learning is to place the student in a position which may lead to permanent employment upon graduation.


All students at RMCTC exhibiting good work ethics may take advantage of the shadowing program, which enables the student to see the activities of a typical workday for a specific job. After expressing interest in a job related to his/her instructional program and completing an off–site training agreement form, the student may spend the day in the business or industry, learning the duties and requirements of the position.

After the shadowing experience, the student will have a realistic understanding of the job and will be able to make a more informed career choice.


Several instructional areas at RMCTC utilize clinical training as an integral part of the learning process. Clinical work gives the student the opportunity to use the skill learned in his/her instructional area in a “real life” setting such as a medical care facility. Clinical training for several instructional areas is also accomplished right at RMCTC by providing services to the public. The clinical advantage allows the student “live work” in a supervised setting.




I began my career working for the Office of the Attorney General where I realized my knack for anything computer related.  I worked in various areas of the computer field for the following 16 years obtaining several computer related certifications.  While the field paid well and I enjoyed what I did, there was something missing.  I decided to pursue my true love, psychology.  I started back to school while working in the psych ward at the Reading Hospital.  I began working as a substitute teacher at RMAVTS in 1997 and realized I could marry my two careers into one.  I began teaching Computer Systems Technology at RMAVTS in 2000 and have been here ever since.  In the meantime, I’ve raised four children and spend countless hours restoring our 150+ year old home.

Vocational Education II Teaching Certification, Temple University
Certified to teach Computer Technology, Digital Web Design, and Cooperative Education

Work Experience
IT Department of various businesses as well as computer repair and freelance web design.
Reading Hospital – Spruce Pavilion
1997 RMCTC Substitute Teacher
April 2000 – Long Term Substitute Teacher
September 2000 – Information Technology – Web Design Teacher
September 2012 – Work-Based Learning Coordinator

Community Service
As the Advisor of the Reading Muhlenberg CTC National Technical Honor Society (NTHS), I am involved in many community service outreach programs.

A+ Certification, Microsoft Office Certifications, Cisco Fundamentals of Web Design Certification, and Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop Certifications.

It is the policy of RMCTC not to discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, race, color, and national origin
in its educational and vocational programs, activities, or employment as required by Title IX, Section 504 and Title VI.
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