adult student in plumbing lab
The Adult Education Department at Reading Muhlenberg Career and Technology Center (RMCTC) provides students and employers a win-win solution to their training and employment  needs.

RMCTC offers opportunities for persons seeking new careers or upgraded training in technical fields and the trades. The hands-on learning atmosphere, technically up-to-date labs, and flexibility of scheduling are program features that adults find appealing.

Students who complete our programs receive either an RMCTC Certificate of Competency or an RMCTC Completion Certificate, depending on the program enrollment, and qualify to obtain industry certifications.

RMCTC currently offers Daytime Programs and Certification Training. Students can choose either full-time or part-time enrollment, and the courses range from 1 day to 18 months.

adult students at RMCTCAdditionally, RMCTC’s programs are approved for tuition sponsorship by CareerLink (WIA), TRADE (TAA/TRA), the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), and the Veterans’ Administration/GI Bill. RMCTC will bill students’ employers and other tuition sponsors directly, and self-pay students may qualify for a payment contract depending on the length and cost of their training plan.

It is the policy of RMCTC not to discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, race, color, and national origin
in its educational and vocational programs, activities, or employment as required by Title IX, Section 504 and Title VI.
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