Restoring Hope Renovation Project


Members of the student chapter of the Home Builders Association (HBA) volunteer on house renovation projects each year. They are coordinated by the HBA Restoring Hope Foundation and benefit deserving families living in the local area.


Students and instructors pitch right in and help professional tradespersons from local companies perform a variety of tasks on the projects, including installing vinyl siding and soffit, laying patio block, landscaping, assembling and moving furniture, installing hardware for window blinds, running TV cable, etc.


In addition to getting out into the field to see firsthand a building renovation in progress, the students enjoy a great opportunity to work side by side with construction professionals, as well as donate their time and effort to a worthy community cause.


From left, Jack Ochoa and Chris Wloczewski, Electrical Technology students, carry furniture from a storage container back into the house.


Electrical Technology instructor Chad Heffner and his students re-assemble furniture that had been removed from the house during renovation. From left: Chris Power, Jorge Carrasco, Mr. Heffner, Chris Wloczewski, and Jack Ochoa.


Dashaun Johnson, a student in the RMCTC Horticulture program, assists a Riverview Tree & Nursery employee in beautifying the landscape around the renovated house.


Salvador Hernandez, Carpentry, uses a battery-powered drill to install hardware for a mini-blind.


Mr. Michael Torres works with Building & Property Maintenance students, from left, Manuel Adame, Luis Valentin, and Martin Vasquez, on measuring and cutting a piece of vinyl soffit for the carport.


Kert Sloan, Building Committee Chair of the HBA Restoring Hope Foundation, shows Building & Property Maintenance student Manuel Adame how to bend aluminum.


Mrs. Umberger, center right, and a group of Painting & Decorating students assemble a book case. From left: Iraice Ramirez, Savannah Franklin, Keyla Mingucha,  Ariadne Rodriguez, Margaret Baez,  Leisha Gonzalez, and Julianette Maldonado.


Bricklaying student Devonniece Balbi lays a block for the new patio being built in the backyard.


Luis Valentin, Building & Property Maintenance student, measures for the next piece of vinyl to be installed on the carport ceiling.


Electrical Technology students Jose Ramirez and Ernesto Ruiz run coax cable up through the floor for connection to a TV.


Mr. Torres poses with a crew of students from the Building & Property Maintenance program. From left: Luis Valentin, Mr. Torres, Manuel Adame, and Martin Vasquez.


Mrs. Umberger and students Margaret Baez, Leisha Gonzalez, and Julianette Maldonado discuss the next step in the process of assembling a book case.


Painting & Decorating students proudly display the finished product. From left: Ariadne Rodriguez, Iraice Ramirez, Julianette Maldanado, Leisha Gonzalez, Tylin Molina, and Margaret Baez.

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